Mountain Biking Monthly: September

The Action Camera race heats up, a World Champ crashes and an E-bike that looks the part…

Garmin jumps the gun with spherical footage editing

Mountain Biking has changed a lot in the last 15 years not least of all with the advent of the ‘action camera’ and YouTube revolutionising the way that us bikers document and share our rides. Claiming (and holding on to) sponsorship deals used to be a heck of a lot more difficult before capturing video was made so much easier and now GPS nerds Garmin are jumping in to make it that much easier. Their new HyperFrame software allows users to edit 360-degree, beating GoPro to the punch before their imminent announcement of what everyone is assuming to be a similar product.

Rest your legs with this smooth electric ride

It seems that with each passing year there’s always a shiny new e-bike tempting hard cycling bikers away from their analogue rides onto something a little easier. Up until now, it’s been relatively easy to resist these offerings – however Vintage Electric’s Scrambler might well put a stop to that. Whilst this handsome scrambler hybrid bike might well burn a hole in the pocket of even the richest of bikers ($6,995 RRP), it’s 30 mph top speed and 35 mile range makes it a serious option as a commute vehicle replacement…

Katy Winton replacing Rachel Atherton at Foxhunt

We’re weeks away from Red Bull’s Fox Hunt and there’s been a rather crucial change to the even, as a result of an unfortunate crash at UCI MTB World Championships in Australia. Multiple World Championship winner Rachel Atherton has been forced to pull out of Red Bull’s pioneering female-only event due to a bone breaking crash. The Fox Hunt is an annual event which sees 200 amateur female riders chase a World Champion in a hectic downhill race. Replacing Atherton at the front of the pack will be Katy Winton. Let’s hope Rachel remembers how to crash properly before her next big event!

Mountain Bike Rider names Britain’s Best Bike Shop

One of the biggest names in Mountain Biking journalism has named it’s favourite Bike Shop. Thousands read Mountain Bike Rider every day in print and online, and those readers voted together to nominate the Shrewsbury based independent business as the best place to buy a bike in the whole country. So what makes The Trailhead such a great place to shop? Perhaps it’s the team of friendly staff, the renowned high quality of gear or maybe it’s the fact that industry nice-guy Sandy Plenty is the owner of the business…

3 Epic Bikes Designed By Car Companies

Mountain Biking is by no means a cheap hobby

Although there are countless of places around the UK where we can ride at our leisure for no cost at all, the equipment that we need to engage in this activity safely can be astoundingly pricey. As with all extreme sports activity equipment, skimping on purchases will only end up endangering your own safety and diminishing your overall enjoyment of the activity.


Thankfully there are a wide-range of Brands and Manufacturers that cater to all budgets, so those looking to balance their expenditure on their burgeoning gear habit can still afford to eat as well.

The bike itself, as well as the various customisation options we choose to add to our rides, is the big money item. For those of us with normal sized wallets, the idea of purchasing a new bike, regardless of how technically proficient it is, for anything more than £1000 will seem ludicrous. But nevertheless, it’s always intriguing (and a little maddening) to take a peek at ‘what could be’.

On a recent trip to Liverpool, accompanying a (rather well-to-do) friend to a Porsche specialist ( we got talking about high-end car manufacturers stepping into the realm of bikes.

This is not an area of the sport rarely explored by average earners, for one good reason: these bikes are expensive.

Porsche Bike RX

When Porsche ( announced that it was designing it’s own line of bikes for the high-end market, the news didn’t quite make it’s way down to the average consumer. Although you can purchase their standard model for around £2,500 (!), you’ll, obviously, only have eyes for the RX, their purpose built mountain bikes.


At £4,500, the price is enough to bring tears to the eyes but it looks like it would be worth it. Massive 2.5-inch wheels and hydraulic disc brakes are combined with a light weight carbon frame for a total of only 10kg!

BMW Cruise M-Bike

Although envisioned as more of a rugged commuter ride, rather than a full blown mountain bike, the Cruise M-Bike is nonetheless a worthy addition to the tradition of car manufacturers producing superlative bikes. These particular models are considerably cheaper than Porsche’s outfits. Although their electric models can set you back as far as £2,600 – you can buy the standard M-Bike for around £1000 (


Big 28-inch wheels, cutting edge brakes and a 30-gear system make this a smooth ride. It may not be suitable for downhill routes, but when it looks this good, does it really matter?

Audi Cross Pro RS

Perhaps the holy grail of high-end bespoke mountain bikes, Audi ( only produced 150 of these ridiculous machines back in 2011. Designed by the same men behind their awesome sports cars, the 7020 T6 alloy was used to craft the gorgeous lightweight frames. It’s a little difficult to put a price on this particular model, as there aren’t many to be found online – you could say that they’re priceless!


Applying the design lessons that they learnt when  designing their award winning rally cars, the RS takes it’s cues from the Quattro, blending non-round tubing design with a truly phenomenal 27-gear system. At 11.9kg, it’s Audi’s lightest model and most exclusive.

Before you rush into your next Mountain Bike purchase why not consider holding off for another 4 years and buying one of these monsters?

International Mountain Biking in Videos and Pictures

Mountains, Deserts, Forests and Mud

There have been some crazy rides put down on camera and some awesome shots taken in the last few months. From the rough spun hills of Wales to the dry reaches of the Saharan Desert, enthusiasts from around the world have been busier than ever, capturing their insane downhill routes and races.

Here are some highlights from the world of YouTube and Instagram:

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Downhill Pros Boss Atherton’s Hardline Course

Britain’s own Bernard Kerr tears it up through the brutal downhills of remote Wales to clinch a decisive 2.40 second win.

Kyle Jameson Explores Unknown Territory In Africa

Quintessential Californian rider, Jameson, has a blast here with a few other pros, tackling the dunes of the Sahara.

Big Air In Abundance Stateside



Prolific Instagram photographer, Sterling Lorence, shows that the Georgetown riders are still ripping up free-style.

Derren Berrecloth Flys High In Southern Utah



Scott Markewitz showcases just one of many awesome sights he bears witness to on a regular basis.

Urban Riders In Germany Are Crazy

Lastly, these Deutsche riders know how to compile a video – although we can’t recommend imitating them, it makes for damn good footage!

Too Many Bikes, Too Many Bikes!

It’s the height of summer and a prime time to get out and about on your bike!

With the sun drenched mountain tracks beckoning to endurance enthusiasts and the dirt trails growing dry and gnarly for the downhill lovers, the summer is a great time to invest in a second or third bike.

Sure it sounds excessive, and we all know that these pieces of hardware don’t come cheap by any measure, but to make the most of what Britain’s biking has to offer, you really need a decent range of mountain bikes. Downhill, dirt, track and stunt bikes all come loaded with a variety of tweaks and modifications that make them perfect for their given field. Although it may be tempting to do away with multiple load-outs and purchase a good all-rounder, eventually the bearings will get shot by the heavy impact of stunting. Either that or you’ll find yourself short of gears on the forest inclines or, worst of all, unable to pick up speed on the downhill routes.

bike collectionThere are plenty of buying guides out there for each style of bike, and we can rely on you guys knowing where to go for the specialist info – what we’re going to focus on here is the problem that you will inevitably face once your bike collection is complete: storage.

Bikes can be unwieldy creatures, especially when you’re juggling four or five in one single space. If you want to be tinkering and modifying your prized possessions on a regular basis then you’ll need a decent storage/service area to work in. The back garden shed isn’t going to cut it in this instance, and we can’t all be lucky enough to afford a semi-detached house with a sick garage. So how do we solve the problem of space, if all our money’s gone on bikes instead of spacious living quarters?

indoor bike

Here are a few options:

Private Storages

These spaces offer plenty of flexibility in terms of customisation and physical space. Price plans can be tailored to suit your needs and you’ve got the freedom to paint and mod every part of it. If you’re getting down to some heavy metal work, sound insulation and reclusive locations tend to mean you’re not going to be disturbing anyone. The only downside to this is that not everyone has the kind of cash around to rent an extra space. Then there’s also the issue of getting to and from your space; if its not close you may end up spending even more dollar on travel – and that’s money that could be spent on sweet gear instead!

Mod the Garden Shed

I know I said that the garden shed wouldn’t cut it – that’s in its current state. Inject a dose of the green stuff into your wooden box, chuck out the power tools that your Dad/partner/you will never use and suddenly you’ve got your own private space. Essentially free of charge, as long as the bill payer isn’t precious about the garden, you can extend these bad boys easily and there are plenty of small businesses who can help with the fiddly job of roof replacement. You can attempt the project solo if you like, but its probably for the best that you at least get some advice on it, as attempting a complete roof replacement can often be trickier than just nailing down some extra planks of MDF!

The Ultimate Mobile Workshop

Lastly, and this is probably the most desirable if not a little unrealistic option, is the workshop/van combo. Ok, this is a little out there, but don’t try and refute how cool this could be! Find the biggest, baddest Transit you can, at the cheapest price. Collect some basic supplies from your local hardware shop and then get to work fitting it with all the things a travelling biker would need. Brackets for your bikes, boxes and cupboards for your supplies and spares, you could even bring a generator and a stove for camping trips. Now you can drive to any biking destination completely prepared for any kind of terrain, and ready to make any last minute alterations before a big day’s ride. You’ll also be the envy of every biker you meet. Just make sure you invest in a decent security system, otherwise you may well find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere without a single bike to your name!

bike van

However you end up solving your storage solution crisis, just be thankful that its a problem in the first place!

Too many bikes can never be a bad thing, especially when the weather is this good and there are so many awesome places to see; don’t forget to make the most of summer whilst its here!

Best Places to Mountain Bike in Scotland

Wild Scotland is a beautiful place to get out on your mountain bike!

Explore rolling hills, winding glens and expansive forests ; whether you want to enjoy  some free-form biking or stick to a trail, you’ll find something great.

Fort William

Everyone knows Fort William as a venue for the Mountain Bike World Cup, and the great thing is that all three courses are open to the public. The centre offers downhill, cross-country and 4x biking, as well as the terrifying Downhill World Cup track that’s only for those after a challenge! It’s around two and a half hours from Glasgow Airport and around 3 hours from Edinburgh Airport. For parking options and travel advice, click here.


This might be the best-known trail centre in Scotland, offering a huge 73km worth of trails for beginners right up to the experts. Its most exciting route is the Spooky Woods descent, which isn’t challenging in skill but is great for full-on speed.


A great centre with a range of trail-types, its biggest sell is The Slab, a 14m high lump of granite on one of the Hardrock Trail descents! If you’re intimidated by The Slab, the Ironhash Trail is great for inexperienced riders, going mostly through forest roads.

Check out this video of the Dalbeattie Slab!


Yeah Boi! New Sweet Video And Some Packing Case Tips

Love it.

It taps into, for me, the lovely beauty of biking which engaged me as a youngster. It’s not about winning competitions or competing at all! It’s about trying to gain those moments where you just feel amazing, and feel like there’s no where you’d rather be, and that you just want to do that jump over and over again, just to be in the air for longer and longer.

To feel that thrill over and over again. That type of biking you never want to end. I got my new bike this week! All the stuff was packed up in these wooden packing crates. It was mental, the whole thing was in this tiny package and then just popped out in perfect condition! I was blown away, I reckon you should totally get your next one delivered just like that. What a vid!

Nice Downhill Go Pro Footage In Scotland

It’s like you’re there!


description: Cam Zink.
Cam Zink. Chilcotin River, British Columbia, Canada

Bravery, we all need to be brave sometimes, no one gets a life where they don’t have to take a chance, take a risk, do something that could be beyond them, and find out if it is or not.

Bravery opens doors for you, it makes things possible, it is absolutely essential for growth, essential for it in every way. A person who does not muster bravery will never develop into themselves, will never grow, will never be great, will never be proud and certainly, certainly, will never be a very good mountain biker…



Mike Sarnecki
Mike Sarnecki  In The Transrockies Challenge. Stage 3. Fernie, B.C., Canada

What I love about mountain biking, what makes it so much more exciting and just generally better than road cycling, is that you never know what is going to happen and when the unknown happens all you can do is REACT.

That’s real man, that is way more exciting and way more like life. Because in life its not some clear road where you just have to focus on turning your legs as fast as possible and you know exactly what’s coming. Life is like a mountain or a forest, unpredictable.





In The Woods…

Anneke Beerten in New Zealand.
Anneke Beerten in New Zealand

In the woods, dodging trees, crunching twigs and living on instinct.

That’s mountain biking as I learnt it. It was pure and it was simple, it was beautiful and hard. I loved it.  That love drives people to incredible lengths. People are very quick and very willing to put their whole lives into that thrill. I don’t mean those who manage to win competitions and make money and stuff, I mean the folk who just plug away, determined and philosophical, living a life that truly is different.